BZ8000 Weighing Controller


PSD-BZ8000 Weighing Controller/ BZ8000 Packing Scale/ BZ8000 Packing Weighing Controller/ BZ8000 Weighing Indicator

PSD-BZ8000 Weighing Controller 

Technical specifications:

Power supply: DC 24V

Power consumption: ≈10W

Weight: ≈1.5kg

Switch input channels: 7 channels

Switch output channels: 10 channels, transistor output

Working temperature: from -5℃ to 65℃ (23℉ to 137℉)

Humidity: ≤90% relative humidity (no condensation)


  • LCD dot matrix screen, simple panel design and simple operation;
  • Aluminum alloy material, electromagnetic shielding, good sealing effect, anti-interference and anti-lightning;
  • Sampling rate 200 times/sec;
  • Custom switch input and output ports, convenient and flexible, ensuring higher reliability;
  • Supports three-stage speed, fast, medium and slow, with high accuracy and good stability;
  • The number of packages can be queried cumulatively;

Back Panel Description:

BZ8000 Back Panel Instruction

  1. Power input terminal: DC 24V;
  2. Printer wiring terminal: A, GND, B: [This function is invalid! 】
  3. Communication terminal: T, GND, R; [This function is invalid! ]
  4. Speed pulse input terminal: (VS+, SD+, EGND, 24-); [This function is invalid! 】
  5. Sensor terminal (LOAD CELL): SHIE, SIG+, SIG-, SEN+, SEN-, EXC+, EXC-;
  6. Analog output input terminal:

 Two 4-20mA current output terminals (A01+, A01-, A02+, A02-);

 One 4-20mA current input terminal Al+, Al- is analog input (external setting)

  1. Switch input terminals: seven switch input ports (DI1, DI2, DI3, D14, DI5, DI6, DI7) common terminal 24-;
  2. Switch output terminals: ten switch output ports

(D01, D02, DO3, D04, DO5, DO6, D07, Do8, DO9, DO10);

Wiring Diagram:

BZ8000 Wiring Diagram


BZ8000 Dimensions