CPA101-220 Motor Controller

Motor Controller CPA101-220

CPA101-220 Motor Controller


  • The actuator is designed with a servo system (no additional servo amplifier is required), and it only needs to connect to DC4~20mA (or DC1~5V) signal and AC220V single-phase power supply to work. Built-in boundary terminal, wiring is extremely simple and convenient.
  • The key component of the actuator – the controller, adopts hybrid integrated circuit, is sealed and cast with resin, and is box-shaped, small in size and high in reliability.
  • The feedback detection of the driving quantity adopts high-performance conductive plastic potentiometer, and the resolution is <0.4﹪
  • With self-diagnosis function, when a fault occurs, the indicator light on the controller will immediately send out an indication signal.
  • The valve core is fully open, fully closed or self-locking state when the on-off signal can be set by the state selector switch.
  • Use the status selector switch to set forward and reverse actions.
  • The input signal can be set as DC4~20mA or DC1~5V with the state selection switch.
  • It is simple and easy to adjust the working zero point (start) and stroke full position (end point).
  • When the power is suddenly cut off, it can ensure that the valve core is self-locking.
  • Adopt gear transmission, high reliability.
  • The intelligent limit is adopted, which is more stable and reliable than the limit switch.
  • Time-delay protection function, state self-locking can be implemented at rated load, protection can be started when fault occurs, and time-delay protection can be canceled by reverse operation.

Main technical parameters

  • Power: AC220V, 50HZ.
  • Power consumption (at rated load)

Specification A-type actuator 50VA;

Specification B-type actuator 150VA;

Specifications C-type actuator 220VA;

  • Input signal: DC4~20mA or DC1~5V
  • Output signal: DC4~20mA
  • Control accuracy: Basic error: 1﹪ Hysteresis≤1﹪ Dead zone≤1﹪