DFD-05 Electric Operator

DFD-05/ DFD-05 Electric Operator/ DFD-05 Electric Manipulator/ Bernard Electrical Actuator 

DFD-05 Electric Operator

Product Description

DFD type electric manipulator is an automatic adjustment system composed of an auxiliary unit and electric actuator in DDZ type electric unit combination instrument. DFD electric manipulator can realize the disturbance-free switching of the electric and manual working states of the automatic adjustment system, and realize the remote control of the actuator.

Technical Parameters

Power supply voltage: AC 220V 50Hz

Rated capacity of switch contact: main circuit 500V, 15A

Signal circuit 110V, 2A

Tracking voltage: 0-10V DC, 1–5V DC

Upper and lower limits: Ⅱ: upper limit 5–10mA, can be adjustable; lower limit 0–5mA, can be adjustable;

Ⅲ: Upper limit 12-20mA, can be adjustable; lower limit 4-12mA can be adjustable.

Working conditions: a. Ambient temperature: 0 – +50℃; b. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

Model Specification

Model Input Current


Dimensions Notes
DFD-07 0–10 295×80×160 With limit
DFD-0700 4–20
DFD-09 0–10
DFD-0900 4–20
DFD-05 0–10 80×80×250