DFD-1900 Electric Operator


DFD-1900/ DFD-1900 Electric Operator/ DFD-1900 Electric Manipulator/ Bernard Electrical Actuator 

DFD-1900 Electric Operator


DFD-1900 electric manipulator is a new type of manipulator developed for Bernard integral electronic electric actuator.

There are manual, automatic, manual increase, manual decrease button switches on the operator panel, and manual, automatic, upper limit, lower limit indicator lamps and double-beam current indicator. The double-beam current indicates the input signal current and position feedback current signal respectively. The current indicator adopts a double-beam indicator, which fundamentally solves the problem of the pin of the original pointer meter. The design of the meter is novel and reasonable, and it is convenient to use and maintain. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical and electric power departments.

Main technicals:

  1. Power supply voltage: AC220V +10%/ -15%, 50Hz1Hz
  2. Ammeter indication: DC4-20mA, 1.5 level
  3. Valve position tracking output: DC1-5V
  4. Working conditions: ambient temperature 0-50℃

Relative temperature≤85%

Working vibration frequency≤25Hz

Amplitude ≤0.1mm (double amplitude)

  1. Meter weight: 2.00kg
  2. Dimensions: Length X Width X Height 270X80X80mm
  3. Hole size: 76+1 X 76+1mm





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