DFK-2 Electric Valve Controller


DFK-2 Electric Valve Controller/ DFK-2 Three-phase Motor Brake Controller/ DFK-2 Valve Brake Controller/ Bernard Electric Actuator 

DFK-2 Electric Valve Controller


DFK type electric valve controller is a product used in conjunction with the valve electric device to control the opening and closing of the electric valve, and can realize the remote control of the electric valve in the control room. It is widely used in industrial sectors, such as water supply and drainage, heating, power station, foundry, food, textile, paper, shipbuilding, steel and coal that use pipeline valves.


  •  The control method adopts DC stabilized power supply, which is reliable in control, accurate in opening degree and safe in operation.
  •  The casing adopts a standard instrument case, which is small and light, and is easy to install on the control panel.
  •  There will be a buzzer alarm when the electric valve is outputting torque, which is convenient for timely troubleshooting.

Model specification:

Type -1 -2 -1G -2G Remarks
Models DFK-1 DFK-2 DFK-1G DFK-2G Ordinary Controller
DFK-1C DFK-2C DFK-1GC DFK-2GC With PLC interface
Rated current (A) 1A 5A 1A 5A
Adapted power (KW) 0.18KW 1.1KW 0.18KW 1.1KW
Structure Panel-mounted Wall-mounted

Technical Parameters:

Working voltage: 380V 50Hz three-phase four-wire system.

Ambient temperature: -20℃-40℃.

There is no strong corrosive, flammable and explosive media around.

The relative humidity is not more than 80% (20℃±5℃).

Dimensions: Panel-mounted type 80×160×290mm, opening size 152+1mm×76+1mm.

Wall-mounted type 300×400×140mm.

Weight: 3Kg.