Digital Temperature Contoller XMTD-7411

XMTD-7000, XMTD-7411, 0-400℃, 220VAC, 50/60HZ, Digital Teperature Controller

XMTD-7000 Digital Temperature Contoller


XMT□-7000 series intelligent digital display controller integrates microcomputer and automatic control, and takes CPU as the computing center. The whole machine has no adjustable parts, with stable performance and good reliability. It has upgraded and replaced the traditional moving coil, electronic and digital instruments. It is also easy to be matched with various sensors to display and control parameters such as flow, liquid level and pressure.

Technical datas

  1. Accuracy: 0.5 class
  2. Power-off data storage time ≥ 20 years
  3. Power consumption≤3W
  4. Working environment: Temperature 0-50℃, relative humidity=85%
  5. Alarm mode: full range setting, absolute value/deviation value
  6. Relay output contact capacity: AC220V, 3A
  7. Solid state relay trigger signal: voltage ≥12V, current ≥15mA
  8. Triac trigger signal ≥100mA

Ordering Code

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