ZSQ-102R DN50 pneumatic stop valve


Model:ZSQ-102R DN50
Structure type:2-way
Nominal pressure:4MPa
Operating temperature:≤200℃
Nominal diameter:dn50
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ZSQ-102/3R DN50 pneumatic two/ three way stop valve

Working Principle
ZSQ-102 / 3R  pneumatic two-position stop valve, there are two parts :  pneumatic piston actuator  and the stop valve.
When no signal is input, the actuator closes the valve spool due to the spring preload, when 0.35MPa air signal pressure, the piston push the stem, down action, so that the valve spool off the lower seat, the flow of media within the pipeline can be switched or cut off.






Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 500 × 300 × 300 mm