DL-15 Vibrating Bin Aerator


Model: DL15 Bin Aerator
Normal operating temperature: -40°C to 170°C
Min. 2 bar (29psi), Max.6 bar (87psi) 
Recommended intermittent working status: continuous operation
each broken working 2-3 seconds and closing time 10-15 seconds

Disk for Liquidity DL15
Vibrating Bin Aerator type DL15 adopts anti-wear silicon rubber, working with two different actions: injection and vibrating. The compressed air injects towards surrounding along the silo wall. Moreover, the edge starts vibrate in high frequency due to the air pressure changing. Both actions will promote the downwards fluid of the powder/particle material. Intermittent operation recommended. Note: operation temperature below 120 ℃.
Applied industries: Construction, Grain, Ceramic, Plastic, Glass, Metallurgy, Chemical and Pharmacy, Paper, Minery. Vibrating Bin Aerator type DL15 will provide perfect fluidity to following materials: cement, fly ash, silicon sand, lime, calcium carbonate, flour, food additives, soapstone, soda, feldspar, limestone, etc.

Operating Air Pressure


2 bar 4bar 6bar
Maximum Air Consumption


0.28m3/min 0.66m3/min 1.2m3/min


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 100 mm