BV-F100 Pneumatic Butterfly Valve


(1) BV1F100 Single Flange Butterfly Valve

(2) BV2F100 Double Flange Butterfly Valve

BVF Series Pneumatic Butterfly Valve

The light valve body is made of die-cast aluminum, the disc is made of anti-wear polythene lining with steel plate. The special sealing composed by the disc and the anti-wear rubber ring is so suitable for the applications with powder/particle materials, especially for the abrasive materials. 


BV1F  with identical top and bottom flange and bottom joint sleeve connection
BV2F  with identical top and bottom flange

VALVE BODY high pressure die-casting aluminum alloy body

ACTUATOR CONNECTION FLANGE high pressure die-casting aluminum alloy

DISC SHAFT made from carbon steel or AISI 304 stainless steel


1. Anti-frictional macromolecule coated carbon steel core disc
2. Cast iron
3. AISI 304 stainless steel

SEAL NBR (black) EPDM (white)


According to the using requirements and working conditions of butterfly valve, we use the dedicated driver, which are  the manual actuator and pneumatic actuator.

Valve Type BV-F100S BV-F150S BV-F200S BV-F250S BV-F300S BV-F350S BV-F400S
Manual Actuator MD4 MD4 MD4 MD4 MD4 MD2 MD2
Pneumatic Actuator PD100 PD100 PD100 PD100 PD100 PD125 PD125


Pneumatic Actuator Solenoid valves Solenoid Coil Mini Switch Box
PD100 EV35S EMC024DC(24V)



Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 380 × 380 × 140 mm