F-23BB S Remote Control

F-23BB S Remote Control, TELECRANE, F-23BB TX Transmitter & F-23BB S Receiver, 10 Single Steps Buttons+1 Start+1 Stop +1 Key switch

F-23BB S Industrial Radio Remote Control

Product Description

  • Low-end Economy
  • Impact-resistant design
  • F23-A++(S):8 Single Steps Buttons+1 Start+1 Stop +1 Key switch
  • F23-BB(S):10 Single Steps Buttons+1 Start+1 Stop +1 Key switch

Transmitter: 218 x 60 x 60mm about 365 (without batteries)
Two-color battery indicator
Receiver 290 x 230 x 70mm receiver about 1900g (without cable)

AC 12/24/36/48/110/220 / 380V, DC 12/24 / 48V, (output passive switch signal)
Operating distance: 100M
Center Band: VHF315MHz
Protection: IP65 waterproof and dustproof
Security: Hamming code, watchdog group 4.3 billion unique identifier (32 yuan)
Nylon glass fiber to prevent damage and fading caused by the strong collision: shell material.
Maintenance: 100% complete hardware / software completely consistent, easy to maintain and cost savings
Power consumption: DC3V, low power (two AA-size alkaline battery Average life of up to 2 months)
Function Setting: You can set a variety of key functions (Widows9x / XP / Vista / 7/8) via the computer software to meet various technical requirements