GM8802F-4 Weight Transmitter


GM8802F-4 Weight Transmitter

GM8802 Weight Transmitter


GM8802 Field Weight Transmitter is a single/multi-channel weight transmitter developed for industrial weighing field application. The transmitter is installed on site.

Applications: Widely used in concrete and asphalt mixing plant, feed, metallurgy, chemical ingredients and other occasions.


  • On-site installation, dustproof and waterproof
  • Built-in four-channel load cell terminal block (GM8802-D)
  • 24-bit high precision two-channel, four-channel independent AD acquisition module (GM8802F-2/GM8802F-4)
  • 16-bit high-precision DA analog module with resolution up to 1/65535 (GM8802-D)
  • Analog supports current and voltage types, can be switched by modifying parameters, and supports customization (GM8802-D)
  • Support GM protocol, standard ModBus RTU/ASCII and other protocols
  • 32Bit processor for greater data processing
  • Adopt special data package transmission mode, which increases the communication speed of single instrument by 2 to 4 times (GM8802F-2/GM8802F-4)
  • With working parameter backup and recovery function (GM8802F-2/GM8802F-4)


Model GM8802F(D-880204) GM8802F(2-880222) GM8802F(4-880219)
Transmitting Type Field weight transmitter 2-channel weight transmitter 4-channel weight transmitter
Installation Method On-site installation
Instrument Size 134*245*96mm 270*200*78mm 270*202*78mm
Working Power Supply AC95V~260V DC18V~36V DC18V~36V
Working Temperature -10°C ~ 45°C
Power Consumption About 10W About 5W About 5W
Sensor Power Supply DC5V(500mA)
A/D Conversion Method Sigma-Delta
A/D Conversion Speed 120/ second
Accuracy Class III Class
Highest Display Accuracy 1/50000
Communication Interface RS232/ RS485/ Analog quantity(16 bit D/A) RS232/ RS485 RS232/ RS485
Metering Channel Single channel with Internal Four-way sensor junction box 2 channel 4 channels


GM8802 Dimensions

Application Diagram:

GM8802 Application diagram

Dimensions 270 × 202 × 78 mm