LXK-A3L Limiter

LXK-A3L Limiter, 10A, 380V, 13KW; LXK-A3L Limit Device

LXK-A3L Limit Switch


LXD series fire limiter (hereinafter referred to as limiter) is mainly used in power lines with AC 50Hz, voltage up to 380V, and DC voltage up to 220V, for 0.5 tons to 10 tons of CD1 type, MD1 type wire rope electric hoist. It is used for lifting and lowering limit protection, which can directly break the main circuit of the lifting motor.


  1. Using high-quality cold-rolled steel metal shell, it can effectively resist the impact of the outside world, and it is strong and wear-resistant and not easy to fade.
  2. There are five powerful protection functions such as splash-proof, dust-proof, shock-proof, anti-magnetic, and anti-static.
  3. There is a rubber sealing ring on the edge of the base, the push-pull rod moves smoothly, does not get stuck, durable, and has a mechanical life of more than 15,000 times.
  4. Insulated dustproof wiring port, high protection level, convenient and practical, stable structure, not easy to damage, easy to install, strong durability.
  5. The internal use of national standard parts, the electrical conductivity is stronger and more stable.

Model meaning

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Basic parameters

Models and Specifications Rated working voltage (V) Rated working current(A) Controllable motor maximum power(KW) Action stroke(mm) Overtravel allowed(mm) Work force(kgf)
LX□-10 380 10 4.5 6-8 ≤3 ≤3
LX□-20 380 20 7.5 8-10 ≤3 ≤5
LX□-40 380 40 13 12-14 ≤3 ≤10
LXK-A3L AC36V 10 13 12-14 ≤3 ≤10

Schematic diagram of contact arrangement

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