Manual Belt Cutter


QGJ800 Manual Belt Cutting Machine/ QGJ1000 Manual Belt Cutter/ QGJ1200 Manual Belt Cutting Machine/ QGJ1400 Manual Belt Cutter

Manual Belt Cutter


The manual belt cutting machine can arbitrarily cut industrial PVG and PVC conveyor belts without steel wires with different thicknesses and heights, and the maximum cutting thickness can reach 25mm.

Working principle:

The movable splint can hold the conveyor belt safely and firmly. And you can choose to pin one end and lift either end to simplify the tedious operation. The special flat-top double-sided body for belt cutting is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which is light, easy to operate, and anti-corrosion. It is very suitable for the use of blades in coal mines to ensure safety. And can be cut from either end by the chain drive. There is a square ruler on the side, making the cutting machine more convenient.


  • The conveyor belt can be cut in both directions, and the cutting edge is flat and straight;
  • Equipped with a foldable square ruler with a length of one meter, which can used to check the verticality when cutting;
  • Easy operation and convenient maintenance;
  • Sturdy structure, light weight, easy to carry.


Model width Thickness
QGJ800 500-800mm 0-25mm
QGJ1000 500-1000mm 0-25mm
QGJ1200 1000-1200mm 0-25mm
QGJ1400 1200-1400mm 0-25mm
QGJ1600 1400-1600mm 0-25mm

Note: If you need to cut belt with thickness 25-32mm, the blade have to be changed to the customized one.


  1. Choose a direction to pull out the pin, and then lift the splint;
  2. Put the belt on the machine and set the cutting position, then lower the splint and insert the pin;
  3. The rotation and clamping position of the clamping handle;
  4. Put the wrench on the drive shaft and rotate the handleManual belt cutter


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