MK-ZF/10-40F Voltage Negative Feedback Module

DC Voltage Negative Feedback Module, MK-ZF/10-40F, KEJIKEYI

MK-ZF/10-40F Voltage Negative Feedback Module

The voltage regulating system composed of various voltage regulating control modules is an open-loop voltage regulating system. The output voltage of the system composed of these modules is determined by the control voltage (added at CON terminal and COM terminal), but it also changes with other external factors, such as the rise and fall of grid voltage, the increase and decrease of load power, and the size of power factor. If the output voltage is required to be determined only by the given control voltage and not changed with external factors, the voltage  negative feedback system must be adopted.

  1. DC Voltage Negative Feedback Module

10-40V, 35-130V and 120-500V three types according to the DC voltage; and E, F, G, H four types according to the given control signal Ug.

——- Ug 0-5V: E Ug 0-10V: F Ug4-20mA: G Ug 1-5V: H
DC Voltage 120-500V MK-ZF/120-500E MK-ZF/120-500F MK-ZF/120-500G MK-ZF/120-500H
DC Voltage 35-130V MK-ZF/35-130E MK-ZF/35-130F MK-ZF/35-130G MK-ZF/35-130H
DC Voltage 10-40V MK-ZF/10-40E MK-ZF/10-40F MK-ZF/10-40G MK-ZF/10-40H

2. AC Voltage Negative Feedback Module

220VAC and 380VAC according to the AC voltage; E, F, G and H according to the different given control signal Ug.

——- Ug 0-5V: E Ug 0-10V: F Ug4-20mA: G Ug 1-5V: H
AC Voltage 220V MK-JF/220E MK-JF/220F MK-JF/220G MK-JF/220H
AC Voltage 380V MK-JF/380E MK-JF/380F MK-JF/380G MK-JF/380H