MRM57-88-V-P0000 Temperature Controller Module SHIMADEN


MRM57-88-V-P0000 Temperature Controller Module SHIMADEN

SHIMADEN MCM57/MRM57 Module Type Temperature Controller

MCM57 Communication Module

MRM57 Temperature Controller Module


MCM57/MRM57 Series temperature controllers consist of communication modules and temperature controller modules; a single temperature controller module supports 2-loop temperature control. The temperature controller modules for which initial setup has been completed can be operated independently. However monitoring the current values or changing the parameter settings requires a communication module. A communication module manages the group, supporting links between a master device (PLC, PC, etc.) and temperature controller modules. Communication between a master device and a communication module is done through RS-485 or RS-422: a communication module and temperature controller modules communicate through a dedicated bus. A maximum of 31 temperature controller modules can be connected in a single group A maximum of 4 groups can be connected to a single master device.

Configuration Diagram

MCM57 MRM57 Configuration diagram

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MCM57 MRM57 Ordering Code