PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-200-11 SCR Three Phase Power Regulator


PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-200-11 Three-phase Thyristor Regulator

PAC30A Series SCR Three Phase Power Regulator


PAC30A series three-phase voltage regulator, its compact structure, beautiful appearance (European style), independent module, easy to maintain. It uses high efficiency insert heat sink and radiator temperature measurement. Features: power-on slow start, slow turn off, radiator over temperature alarm, automatic phase discrimination, phase loss alarm, external limit, manual, start and stop, manual / automatic conversion, relay alarm output. It can be widely used in voltage regulation control of electrical and inductive loads in various fields of industry.

Model Definition

PAC30A Model Definition

Technical Parameters:

Model Nominal Current Rated Current Dimensions


Pitch Cooling Method
PAC30A-YT(N)-40A 40A 40A 170*130*210 Ф6mm 190*115mm Natural Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-60A 60A 50A 295*130*210 Ф6mm 288*110mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-80A 80A 70A
PAC30A-YT(N)-120A 120A 90A 310*130*210 Ф6mm 290*110mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-150A 150A 95A
PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-200-11 200A 115A 310*250*240 Ф9mm 290*140mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-250-11 250A 125A
PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-300-11 300A 150A
PAC30A-YT(N)-B301-340-11 340A 170A
PAC30A-YT(N)-B361-400-11 400A 200A 360*250*270 Ф9mm 340*140mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-B400-400-11 400A 220A 370*390*285 Ф9mm 355*245mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-B400-500-11 500A 260A
PAC30A-YT(N)-CS600-400-11 400A 250A 370*341*270 Ф9mm 335*315mm Air Cooling
PAC30A-YT(N)-CS600-500-11 500A 330A

Wiring Diagram:

PAC30A Wiring Diagram

Overall Dimensions:

PAC30A Dimensions