PDC6000 Weighing Controller


PDC6000 Weighing Controller/ PDC6000 Belt Scale Weighing Indicator/ PDC6000 Weighing Indicator

PDC6000 Weighing Controller 

Technical specifications:

Material: aluminum alloy

Use: suitable for belt scale weighing system

Power supply: DC 24V

Power consumption: ≈10W

Input impedance: When DC500V, the impedance between each terminal cannot be less than 100M

Working temperature: -5℃~65℃

Humidity: ≤90% relative humidity

Sensors: all resistance strain gauge load cells

Weight: ≈1.5kg


  • Adopt incremental digital PID control to improve system control accuracy and response speed, and reduce system adjustment fluctuations;
  • High degree of intelligence, simple buttons, easy work;
  • Using aluminum alloy shell, strong anti-interference ability;

Wiring Diagram:

PDC6000 Wiring Diagram


PDC6000 Dimensions