PLY900 Weighing Indicator


PLY900 Weighing Controller/ PLY900 Weighing Meter / PLY900 Weighing Display Controller/ PLY900 Automatic Batching Controller

PLY900 Weighing Indicator


PLY900 electronic weighing meter, with high-precision signal sampling technology and intelligent control software, integrates weighing,batching, and controling. It is widely used in the control of automatical batching in metallurgy,packaging,feed,petrochemical,tobacco,construction and other industries.

Technical Specifications:

  • Power supply:AC220V,50Hz;
  • Power consumption:9W;
  • Working environment temperature:0-50 ℃;
  • Working environment humidity:≤ 90%RH(no condensation);
  • Analog measurement section ;
  • Bridge source:5V ± 5%,the maximum load capacity of 150mA;
  • Signal range:0-10mv;
  • Display Score:Maximum 99990;

Main Features

  •  Ultra-high-precision analog sampling technology, more accurate in weighing;
  •  Built-in multiple digital filters, the display range can reach 100,000 divisions;
  •  Intelligent batching control software, the batching process is highly automated and precised;
  •  It can control up to 4 or 6 kinds of materials;
  •  Two-way discharge control function;
  •  Single-speed, double-speed, triple-speed metering modes and inching accurate metering;
  •  RS232/RS485 communication interface, can be easily connected to PC, HMI, or large screen;
  •  The panel button controls the batching process;
  •  Built-in real-time clock, printing and recording production data;
  •  One key reset function;

Wiring Diagram:

PLY900 Wiring diagram


PLY900 Dimensions