QCX-BY-20T Hoisting Weight Limiter

QCX-BY-20T Hoisting Weight Limiter, QCX-BY-4/1-20T-20-P, 380V

Hoisting Weight Limiter QCX-BY-4/1-20T-20-P


QCX-BY series hoisting weight limiter safety protection device for single beam, double hoist and other crane equipments. The device is mainly composed of two parts: resistance strain sensor and electrical controller. It has the functions of sound and light alarm, cutting off the power supply of the crane hoisting circuit, and digital display of the weight. This series selects the side pressure tension sensor, and the control instrument selects the QCX-B/II single display instrument.

Technical indicators

  1. Scope of application: All kinds of single-beam and double-hoist cranes above 0.5T.
  2. System comprehensive error: ≤5% (F•S)
  3. Sensor overload capacity: 1.5 times
  4. Factory default set point:
  •  Early warning point: set to 90% of the rated lifting capacity
  •  Alarm action point: set to 102% of rated lifting capacity
  •  Immediate action point: set to 108% of the rated lifting capacity
  1. Alarm signal and control
  2. Sound alarm signal strength: 1m from the sounding site and no less than 75dB(A) when measured at the driver’s position.
  3. Signal connection method: 4×0.5mm2, 4×0.75mm2 shielded cable is commonly used.
  4. Working voltage: AC380V (±10%), 50Hz.
  5. Relay shock capacity: 10A, 277VAC, 12A, 125VAC
  6. Sensor protection grade: IP65; electrical control box protection grade, indoor part of the device, IP42; outdoor part of the device: IP44.

Electric control box wiring diagram

QCX-BY wiring diagram

QCX-BY hoisting weight limiter manual