R-220D40 Solid Voltage Regulator

Solid State Relay R-220D40,Solid Voltage Regulator R-220D40

R-220D40 Solid Voltage Regulator


R series solid state voltage regulator integrates a phase-shifting trigger circuit, a resistance-capacitance absorption circuit, and a bidirectional thyristor. The output power can be adjusted by manually adjusting the voltage on the resistive load through the potentiometer. The following figure shows the internal block diagram and application diagram:

R series Application Diagram

The solid voltage regulator is applied to the 110-230Vac, 50Hz power grid, with an external 470K2 potentiometer, and the voltage regulation range is 0 °- 180 °, open state leakage current is less than 12mA. The insulation voltage between the terminal and the base plate is greater than 1500Vac. Please refer to single-phase AC solid state relay for the selection and protection of current class.

Radiators for R series solid pressure regulators can be E-18, E-30, F-30, F-40 and F-50.


10A R-220D10
25A R-220D25
40A R-220D40


R-220D Dimensions