R240A Solid State Regulator


XIMADEN Solid State Regulator, R240, 220VAC 40A

R Series Full Wave Solid State Voltage Regulator

Features: small size, high reliability, vibration resistance, moisture resistance, and no spark.

It only needs to be equipped with an adjustable potentiometer to achieve full-wave voltage regulation of the AC pure resistance load, and in many cases can replace the auto-coupled voltage regulator.

Application: AC voltage regulation, manual temperature regulation of resistance heaters.

Incandescent brightness adjustment: manual speed regulation of the AC series motor.

Technical Parameters:

Model Rated Current Withstand Voltage Range Control Signal Resistance LED Indicator Working Method




Installation Method Mounting Pitch
R212A 12A 40-280V 0-330K No Trigger diode 65*49*35 Screw 47+-1mm
R225A 25A 40-280V 0-330K No Trigger diode 65*49*35 Screw 47+-1mm
R240A 40A 40-280V 0-330K No Trigger diode 65*49*35 Screw 47+-1mm

Working Principle and Application Diagram:

R Series SSR Diagram


  1. Output a non-sinusoidal wave and filter the series inductance in a circuit loop with high power factor requirements.
  2. The regulator circuit is simple, and no feedback circuit, so can not be used in applications where the index requirements are high.
  3. Since the potentiometer is directly charged, please pay attention to the wiring insulation and safety.