RHX-Q8 Hydraulic Synchronizing Lubricating Pump


RHX-Q Hydraulic Synchronous Lubrication Pump is a kind of lubrication equipment.

RHX-Q Hydraulic Synchronizing Lubricating Pump

Lubrication pump is a kind of lubrication equipment. Lubricant is supplied to the lubrication part. The automatic lubrication device can effectively reduce equipment failure, reduce energy consumption, increase production efficiency, and prolong the service life of the machine.


• On the basis of hydraulic synchronous lubrication pump equipped with installation of manual pump device for circular mouth, to boot, ensure completion of maintenance or continuous work
• Oil reserves, transparent resin cans, convenient observation
• Hydraulic power drive, reliable performance and is suitable for continuous lubrication
• Configuration, three out of the fat, which the two synchronous mouth and drive hydraulic reversing synchronous alternating the fat
Mouth can be blocked, synchronization
• Circulating pressure gauge, safety relief valve port configuration, convenient observation system pressure, convenient judgment system fault location, with the overpressure protection function
• Standard oil suction filter
• Hydraulic pressure source, suitable for equipment lubrication in 10 mpa ~ 25 mpa
• Is suitable for engineering machinery, concrete pump, open pit mine machine, port equipment, rubber and plastic machinery, etc
• Or each configuration progressive distributor of fat

Model Tag:

RHX-Q Hydraulic Synchronizing Lubricating Pump Model Tag

Type of sample:
RHX-Q6/0.3/0.2F:Hybrid lubrication pump, grease outlet to take over the outer diameter 6 mm;Cycle mouth displacement 0.3 ml/cycle;Two synchronous displacement 0.2 ml/cycle;The right side of the special fatliquoring mouth for quick plug-in interface;Drive joint mouth downward。

Technical Parameters:

Model RHX-Q*/*/***
Nominal pressure MPa 16~19
The best drive hydraulic MPa 16~19
Maximum driving oil pressure MPa 25
Nominal pressure manual pump MPa 15
Manual pump displacement ml/cy 0.5
Circular mouth displacement ml/cy 0.2 0.3 0.4
Synchronous mouth displacement ml/cy 0.15 0.2 0.25
Cycle counting number PCS 1
Synchronous counting number PCS 2
The overflow pressure relief valve MPa 20
The oil drum volume L 4
The standard drive mouth mm M16X1.5(Inner cone 24°)
Weight kg 12.5
Applicable medium NLGI  000~0 Lithium base grease
Note Drive the mouth after its model note model when custom


RHX-Q Hydraulic Synchronizing Lubricating Pump Dimensions


Weight 12.5 kg