HS-G50-25 Rotory Joint


Rotory Joint
Suitable media:water, oil, steam
Application:High-speed,high-pressure,high temperature
cooling water rotary joint.
HS-G50-25 Rotory Joint

H series rotary joint is specially designed for cooling products.
Equipped with a balanced seal, the friction group on the material according to the media environment, choose a variety of impregnated graphite, bronze, carbon tungsten, silicon carbide of different combinations, enough to resist rust, scaling, broken nitrification and other impurities on the sealing surface.
CNC machine and special grinding machine to complete the surface as a mirror, the seal more reliable.

Specifications Model
4 points 1 / 2HD15 levorotatory     6 points 3 / 4HD20 levorotatory       1 inch HD25 left-handed
1.2 inch HD32 left-handed       1.5 inch HD40 left-handed       4 points 1 / 2HD15 right-handed
6 points 3 / 4HD20 dextrorotatory       1 inch HD25 dextral     1.2 inch HD32 dextral
1.5 inch HD40 dextral          4 points 1 / 2HS-G15-6 levorotatory  6 points 3 / 4HS-G20-8 levorotatory
1 inch HS-G25-10 levorotatory   1.2 inch HS-G32-15 levorotatory   1.5 inch HS-G40-20 levorotatory
4 points 1 / 2HS-G15-6 dextrorotatory   6 points 3 / 4HS-G20-8 dextrorotatory  1 inch HS-G25-10 dextrorotatory
1.2 inch HS-G32-15 dextrorotatory   1.5 inch HS-G40-20 dextrorotatory   2-inch HD50 left-handed
2-inch HD50 dextrorotatory  2 inch HS-G50-25 levorotatory  2 inch HS-G50-25 dextrorotatory
Application Scenario:
One-way flow-through:Iron and steel machinery roller; Plastic cooling traction roller;Papermaking calender roll;


Bidirectional flow-through,Double inner pipe flow type:Plastic extruder;Refining rubber machine;

THSG 32-20

Parameter Size∨

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 150 mm