SCR Voltage Regulator ZKD-6000

ZKD-6000, SCR Voltage Regulator, ZKD-2A/ ZKD-IIA, ZKD-3A/ ZKD-IIIA, ZHENYU

ZKD-6000 SCR Voltage Regulator ZHENYU


The SCR series voltage regulator is used in conjunction with the thyristor to accurately adjust the voltage on the load. The instrument uses a phase-shift trigger method for the thyristor to achieve the purpose of continuous voltage regulation. Because the instrument has a voltage negative feedback function, The fluctuation of the power grid has less influence on the output voltage. This voltage adjustment adopts the international advanced special control microprocessor, RISC instruction set design, two-color LED digital display, excellent control performance, high cost performance, high precision, strong shock resistance, good reliability and high cost performance compared with the traditional pointer adjuster. Strong anti-interference ability, small size, light weight, clear reading, no parallax and other unique advantages. Can be widely used in blow molding, blister, mold heating, packaging machinery and other mechanical equipment.


  • Double-row display shows current voltage in real time;
  • Voltage negative feedback technology to stabilize AC voltage;
  • High-quality shell ABS material, stronger and not easy to deform;


  • Working power supply: AC 220V±15%, 50, 60HZ, 3W
  • Ambient temperature: 0-50℃
  • Dimensions: 72X72X125mm
  • Hole size: 68X68mm
  • Output pulse: amplitude not less than 3V, width not less than 50µs (200 load)
  • Phase-shift trigger maximum conduction angle: not less than 150°

Wiring Diagram

ZKD6000 2A Wiring Diagram

ZKD6000 3A wiring diagram