AirTAC Shock Absorber ASJ1408


AirTAC Shock Absorber ASJ1408/ Hydralic Buffer ASJ1408

AirTAC Shock Absorber ASJ1408

The shock absorber is used for heavy stopper cylinder. It is consume parts, please replace it in time when the buffer capacity decreases. The shock absorber can be used under pressure, which is different from the ordinary shock absorber in structure and can not be replaced by the ordinary shock absorber.


Shock Absorber Stopper Cylinder Bore size
ASA1008 TWH20/25 series Stopper Cylinders
ASJ1408 TWG32/40/50 series Stopper Cylinders
TWQ32/40/50 series Stopper Cylinders
TWH32/40 series Stopper Cylinders
ASJ2210 TWH50 /TWM50 series Stopper Cylinders
ASJ2912 TWH63 series Stopper Cylinders
ASJ3315 TWH80 series Stopper Cylinders



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