SLS-J90-2W Double Sensor


SLS-J90-2W Double Sensors, SLS-J90-2W Magnetic S&D Switch

SLS-J90-2W Magnetic S&D Switch Double Sensor


The SLS-J90-2W double sensor converts the end or middle positions of pneumatic actuators into electrical signals. It combines easy assembly with minimal components and is provided for pneumatic actuators. The flexible set system allows an adaptation to all sizes of actuators according to NAMUR.


  • Compact design
  • Easy and fast mounting
  • According to NAMUR standard
  • Both for AC and DC current
  • Moisture-proof and corrosion-proof
  • No sparks generating with electric circuit control
  • Without easy-wearing working electric components


Temperature Range -40℃-85℃
Sensor Type Magnet
Rated Operating Distance 1-6mm
Switching Element Function NO ( Optional NC)
Output Type 2 Wire
Switch Frequency 0-4.8KHz
Position Indicator 0-90
Working Voltage 5-240VAC/DC
Working Current 0-300mA
Rated Power 10W
Protection Degree IP67


ALS-200D Double Sensor Dimensions


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