SR4-6Y-1C-A00 PID Temperature Controller SHIMADEN


SR4-8P-1C-A00 SR4-8I-1C-A00 SR4-8Y-1C-A00 SR4-8V-1C-A00

SR4-6P-1C-A00  SR4-6Y-1C-A00  SR4-6I-1C-A00  SR4-6V-1C-A00

SR4 Series SHIMADEN Digital Thermostat Regulator


SR1/SR3/SR4 is the latest technology product of Japan’s Shimaden Company in 2003. It summarizes the application experience of SR60 to SR70 series regulators, and further highlights the design ideas of economic, practical, simple operation and perfect basic functions. The display accuracy is 0.3, with free input, manual adjustment, and adjustable output limiting. The most important thing is that it uses the island’s expert PID algorithm, which is unique to prevent overshoot/undershoot of the system.

Code Selection Table:

SR1.3.4 code selection table

Overall Dimensions:

SR1.3.4 Dimensions

Terminal Wiring Diagram:

SR1.3.4 Terminal Wiring Diagram