TCQ-M/B-2/1-3t Hoisting Weight Limiter

TCQ-M Hoisting Weight Limiter, TCQ-M/B-2/1-3t, with BCQ side pressure sensor, magnification 2/1, lifting capacity 3t

Hoisting Weight Limiter TCQ-M/B-2/1-3t


TCQ-M type lifting weight limiter, small size, easy installation, low price, suitable for all kinds of conventional series electric hoists. The instrument adopts a new digital circuit design scheme, combined with the programmable technology of the single-chip microcomputer, so that the instrument has a certain versatility, and the operation and debugging of the device are more convenient. The integration of intelligent processing technology in overload control can well eliminate false alarms and malfunctions caused by shock, shaking and other factors when the electric hoist lifts heavy objects in a critical state. In addition, the device also adds a black box function that automatically accumulates and memorizes overload times and a password protection function for correcting rated lifting weight parameters.

Model Code

TCQ-M/B(Z)-“Magnification”-“Rated Lifting Capacity”-“Wire Rope Diameter”

Example 1: TCQ-M/B-2/1-10t-Φ18, with BCQ side pressure sensor, magnification 2/1, lifting capacity 10t, wire rope diameter Φ18mm

Example 2: TCQ-M/Z-4/2-20t, with ZX type shaft pin sensor, the magnification is 4/2, and the lifting weight is 20t.

Main technical parameters

  1. It has four-digit LED digital tube display.
  2. Comprehensive accuracy: ± 5% (F.S)
  3. Pre-alarm: 90% of the rated lifting capacity, intermittent sound, yellow indicator light on.
  4. Overload control point: 105% of the rated lifting weight, continuous sound, red indicator light on, relay action; relay has overload self-locking function, only when the lifting weight is reduced to a certain value, the instrument will automatically release the control.
  5. Relay contact capacity: AC250V, 10A.
  6. Power supply voltage: AC380V±10%, 50HZ.
  7. Ambient temperature: -20℃~+90℃, 95%RH.
  8. Sensor overload capacity: 1.5 times the rated capacity.
  9. The protection level of the sensor is IP65, and the protection level of the instrument box is IP44.
  10. Separate digital display boxes cannot be configured.

TCQ-M/B Type Dimensions

TCQ-M-B Type

No. Model Sensor L B Wire rope
1 TCQ-M/B-2/1-1t BCQ-1t 125 46 Փ6-12
2 TCQ-M/B-2/1-2t
3 TCQ-M/B-2/1-3t


BCQ-1.5t 140 62 Փ10-14
4 TCQ-M/B-2/1-5t


BCQ-2.5t Փ12-18
5 TCQ-M/B-2/1-10t


BCQ-5t 180 85 Փ16-26

TCQ-M/Z Type Dimensions

TCQ-M-Z type_

No. Model Sensor d D L1 L a b
1 TCQ-M/Z-2/1-2t ZX-2t 40 50 74 93 5 6
2 TCQ-M/Z-2/1-3t
3 TCQ-M/Z-2/1-5t ZX-3t 45 55 74 93
4 TCQ-M/Z-4/2-10t ZX-5t 55 65 78 106 7 7
5 TCQ-M/Z-4/1-10t ZX-5t 60 70 81 109
6 TCQ-M/Z-4/2-16t ZX-10t 75 85 93 121
7 TCQ-M/Z-4/2-20t