Three Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-3-480D25G

Three Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-3-480D10G, SSR-3-480D25G, SSR-3-480D40G

Three Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-3-480D25G


Three phase AC solid state relay (hereinafter referred to as three-phase SSR) integrates three single-phase AC solid state relays and directly switches the three-phase load with a single input terminal, which can easily control the three-phase loads such as three-phase AC motor and heater.


Normal type

(380V, IN4-32V)

Normal type(480V) Enhanced type(380V, IN4-32V) Enhanced type(480V)
IN4-8V IN8-32V IN4-8V IN8-32V
SSR-3-380D10 SSR-3-480D10G SSR-3-480D10H SSR-3H380D15 SSR-3H480D15G SSR-3H480D15H
SSR-3-380D25 SSR-3-480D25G SSR-3-480D25H SSR-3H380D35 SSR-3H480D35G SSR-3H480D35H
SSR-3-380D40 SSR-3-480D40G SSR-3-480D40H SSR-3H380D55 SSR-3H480D55G SSR-3H480D55H
SSR-3H380D75 SSR-3H480D75G SSR-3H480D75H
SSR-3H380D120 SSR-3H480D120G SSR-3H480D120H
SSR-3H380D150 SSR-3H480D150G SSR-3H480D150H

Note: please refer to single-phase AC solid state relay for the selection and protection of current and voltage level of three-phase SSR. If more current is required, three long strip single-phase solid relays can be used instead (three long strip SSRs can be installed on A series radiator with fan), and the three input terminals can be connected in series and parallel (see series and parallel of the input terminals of single-phase SSR).

Connection Diagram