UHZ-01 Oil Level Indicator

Oil Level Indicator, UHZ-01

UHZ-01 Oil Level Indicator

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UHZ-01 1_


This oil level indicator is suitable for oil level indication in small and medium-sized oil immersed transformer oil storage tanks and on load switch oil storage tanks. It can also be used for liquid level measurement in other open or pressure vessels, replacing the connected glass tube level gauge. It has the characteristics of safety, intuition, reliability, and long service life.

Working conditions

  1. Working environment temperature: -40 ℃~80 ℃
  2. Relative humidity: When the air temperature is 25 ℃, the humidity should not exceed 90%
  3. Altitude: ≤ 2000m
  4. No severe vibration or magnetic field in the installation position
  5. The oil level indicator should be installed vertically

Structure and working principle

  1. Oil level indicator structure: The oil level indicator is composed of a float, connecting rod, gauge base, magnetic steel, pointer, etc. Due to the complete isolation of the float and pointer from the oil level gauge seat, the reliability of the oil level gauge seal is ensured.
  2. Working principle:

When the oil level in the oil storage tank increases or decreases due to temperature or other reasons, the float of the oil level gauge synchronously increases or decreases with the oil level, which drives the pointer to rotate and indicate the level of the oil level.


  1. The oil level gauge should not be subjected to strong impact.
  2. The connecting rod of the oil level gauge should not be stretched or bent by force, and there should be no strong magnetic field near it during use.
  3. The sealing ring in the installation diagram serves to prevent oil leakage. If it cannot be sealed, check whether the screws are tightened or whether the contact between the installation plate and the sealing ring is flat.

Installation and use:

  1. The oil level gauge uses an oil temperature of 25 ℃ as the reference temperature for oil surface water, so the correct height of the oil level should be calculated based on the measured oil temperature during installation.
  2. The maximum effective measurement range of this oil level gauge (standard type) is 100mm. If there are other requirements, users can customize it according to their needs (confirm R81 in the figure).
  3. Outline dimensions and installation diagram of oil level gauge.

UHZ-01 4_

Note: Փ 35 is for reference size, it can be adjusted according to actual needs.

② R81 can be changed according to user requirements.