UO25 Aeration Nozzle


Model:JL2:8.00USD; U025: 6.00USD;

UO25 Aeration Nozzle

The aeration nozzle is a kind of broken arch flow aid which is easy to install and widely used, and can be installed in a hopper, a silo, especially a pipeline. The front part of the nozzle is made of porous metal, and the externally passed high-pressure air is evenly dispersed around the nozzle to promote the flow of the powder to achieve a flow-assisting effect. The fluidization effect is determined by the number of nozzles, and different powder and container conditions require different numbers of nozzles. This product is convenient to install and maintain, price is low and fluidization effect is obvious. It is an important component of the cement, mixing station, and the cement tank silo top dust collector.

Product application: Solve the clogging problem caused by material accumulation in the hopper and silo.

Installation method:

  1. Open a φ36 hole in the easily blocked part of the hopper or pipeline;
  2. Solder the connector to the hole;
  3. Screw the nozzle on the connector;
  4. Connect the 1/4″ quick connector at the other end;
  5. Aerate 0.2bar gas supply, and the nozzle works.

Operating parameters:

  1. Normal operating environment temperature: -20 ° C ~ 80 ° C;
  2. Compressed air working pressure: ≤0.6bar.

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 20 × 50 mm