JS2000D Mixer Wear Parts


JS2000D Wear Parts

JS2000D Mixer Wear Parts

Before and after the mixer is engaged in engineering work, it is necessary to properly check the wear parts of the mixer, such as: mixer liner, blades, bolts, etc. to ensure that there is no error occured during operation.

  1. Check the mixer blades whether there is any damage, and make sure the angle of the blades is correct and the bolts are normal.
  2. Check the mixer liner: Check the wear degree of the mixing scraper and the stirring arm, and repair it in time. If the mixing arm is loose, or whether there is friction sound with the cylinder. When the arm wear degree reaches 50%, and the thickness of the blade is 2-3mm, it must be replaced.
  3. Check the mixer bolts: It is recommended to use a torque wrench (mixing arm 420NM mixing scraper 320NM liner 100NM).

Only regular inspection of these wear parts can ensure that there will be no accidents during the engineering operation, and to ensure the high efficiency of the mixer.