Pads for Liquidity PL20


Model: PL20:8.00USD; I100:16.50USD

Rated Pressure:0.2bar; Air Consumption 0.12m3/h

Pads for Liquidity PL20
PL20 pads for liquidity adopts extremely durable polymer breathable material. Compressed air gets very slowly and deeply to the silo through the 100cm2 surface, forming a local high gas zone, reducing the material bulk density, and improving the flowability of the material, which can effectively solve the various bad conditions. Note: operation temperature below 120 ℃. Not suitable for viscous materials.
Applied industries: Construction, Grain, Ceramic, Plastic, Glass, Metallurgy, Chemical and Pharmacy, Paper, Minery. Vibrating Bin Aerator type DL15 will provide perfect fluidity to following materials: cement, fly ash, silicon sand, lime, calcium carbonate, flour, food additives, soapstone, soda, feldspar, limestone, etc.
Make a hole of about 14mm as showed on Fig.1.
Insert the pad from the inside of the silo putting the
thread part out of silo. Mount the rubber washer, the
plate washer and one screw. At last screw the through
rapid joint, insert the pipe of 8mm.

I100 pad

Rated Pressure


Air Consumption




0.2bar 0.12m3/h 250G
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 100 mm