XP2-18R Integrator of HMI &PLC

XINJIE Integrator of HMI &PLC, XP2-18R, DC24V, 3W

Thinget XINJIE XP2-18R Integrator of HMI &PLC


  • Set PLC and HMI functions in one (OP330 text display & XC series PLC)
  • Switch input: 10 points / optocoupler isolation
  • Switch output: 8 points/(relay output, transistor output, relay-transistor output)
  • LCD display: 192 × 64 pixels (3.7inh); LCD life up to 20,000 hours
  • Up to 26 function keys
  • Sensitive and precise keys
  • HMI and PLC programming use the same programming cable
  • Waterproof grade conforms to IP20
  • Compact structure, greatly saving the space of the electric control cabinet

Ordering Code

XP series Ordering Code_

XP series Output type  
Relay output Transistor output Transistor & relay mixed output  
XP1 series XP1-18R XP1-18T  
XP2 series XP2-18R-B XP2-18RT-B
XP3 series XP3-18R XP3-18T XP3-18RT  

Electrical Specifications

Item Specifications
Electrical Characteristics Input voltage DC24V
Power consumption <10W(TYP2.0W)
Instantaneous power failure allowed <20ms
Withstand voltage AC1000V-10mA   1minute(signal and ground)
Insulation resistance About 10MΩ,DC500V(signal and ground)
Environment Operating temperature 0~50℃
Storage temperature –10~60℃
Environment humidity 20~85%(no condensation)
Vibration resistant 10~25Hz(X,Y,Z, 30 minutes each direction, 2G)
Anti-interference Voltage noise: 1000Vp-p
Ambient air No corrosive gas
Protection structure In accordance with IP20
Structure Cooling method Natural air cooling
External dimensions 172.0*121.0*56.5
Panel hole size 164.0*113.0
Port Download port RS-232
Communication port RS-485


HMI Specifications

Item Specifications
Screen properties Types Yellowish green LCD
Screen size 3.7 inch
Service life 20000h or more,Ambient temperature 25℃, 24 hours operation
Display area 192*64
Contrast ratio Potentiometer adjustable
Text settings Simplified/Traditional Chinese, English
Character size Bitmap font, vector font
Touch method Hand off
Memory unit Screen 64KB  FlashROM
Data 4KB  SRAM

PLC Specifications

Item Specifications
Program execution method Cyclic scan method
Program method Instruction list, ladder diagram, and C language are used together
Processing speed 0.3us
Blackout hold Use FlashROM and lithium battery
User program capacity 32K 128K 128K
I/O points Input 10 point;Output 8 point
Number of internal coil points (M) 448 points 8768 points 8768 points
Process(S) 32 1024 1024



Points 80 points 640 points 640 points
Specifications 100mS timer; time setting 0.1~3276.7s

10mS timer:time setting 0.01~327.67s

1mS timer:time setting 0.001~32.767s




Points 40 point 640 point 640 point
Specifications 16-bit counter:Settings K0~32767

32-bit counter:Settings -2147483648~+2147483647

Data register(D) 288 characters 2612 characters 9024 characters
FlashROM register(FD) 510 characters 512 characters 2048 characters
High-speed processing function No High-speed counting, pulse output, external interrupt
Timed scan interval setting 0~99mS
Password protection 6 bit length ASCII
Self-diagnostic function Power-on self-test, watchdog timer, syntax check