1220mm Impact Bar for Impact Bed

Impact Bar for Belt Conveyor Impact Bed

Impact Bar for Impact Bed

Impact Bars is a fusion of three different layers:


-Cushioning Rubber

-Aluminium T-Slot

All parts of the impact bar are closely jointed by hot vulcanization.


1.UHMWPE cap allows smooth movement of the conveyor belt.

2.Cushioning rubber absorbs impact energy.

3.Aluminium T-Slot is for fastening impact bars to the main support frame.

4.Hot vulcanization process makes sure the impact bar is integrated so well, that there is no possibility of separation.

Impact bars are available in dimensions indicated in the right table.

All installation items like bolts, nuts and washers are supplied as standard accessories.

Standard length of impact bar: 1220, 1400,1500,1600, 1800, 2000mm

Bars of other length can be made on request.

Size Width x Height (mm) Length (mm)
Standard 1 100×55 1220/1400/1500/2000
Standard 2 100×75 1220/1400/1500/2000
Heavy-Duty 280×100 1080