JS500 Concrete Mixer Horizontal Reducer Gearbox

JS500 Concrete Mixer main Gearbox Reducer, operated with motor YE2-180M-4, 18.5KW

JS500 Concrete Mixer Horizontal Reducer Gearbox

Application and advantages:

It is widely used in all kinds of overweight, transportation, mining machinery and other machinery for deceleration.

Its linkage mode can be directly linked by coupling or flexibly linked by V-belt.

It has strong universality and interchangeability, simple maintenance, efficiency coefficient of 0.94, small starting resistance, flexible movement and other advantages.

Structure and main parts:

It is two-stage three-axis cylindrical helical gear horizontal split full seal type. The lubricating oil is stored in the reducer. Oil baffle is set on the driving shaft and intermediate shaft. Rolling bearings are used for each shaft fulcrum. The axial clearance of bearings can be adjusted by internal adjusting ring. There is an inspection cover on the upper part of the reducer, and an oil pointer and oil plug for waste oil drainage on the lower part.

The gear and shaft are made of high-quality carbon steel and treated by quenching and tempering. The gear is mostly made of high-grade cast steel and normalized. The box material is gray cast iron HT200 and treated by aging. The gear is manufactured according to grade 8 accuracy, and the hobbing helical gear with an inclination angle of 8 ° 6’34 “.

Type: JD350; JS500; JS750; JS1000
Motor Power: 18.5(kw)

speed ratio: 13.424
Input speed: 930(rpm)
Output speed range: 70(rpm)
Applicable environmental: -40℃~40℃