QD-32 Rotary Joint


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QD-32 Revolute Joint


The Q series rotary joint or revolute joint adopts the Q face sealing structure, which can automatically adjust the center and automatically compensate. This type of rotary joint can be used for equipment with low speed and poor coaxiality. It has simple structure, reliable sealing and no lubrication, and are the most widely used rotary joint.

Working Parameters:

  • Maximum speed: 100RMP
  • Maximum pressure: 1.8MPa
  • Maximum temperature: 200℃
  • Applicable medium: saturated steam, superheated steam, superheated water

Code  Meaning:

QD—Spherical sealing structure, one-way flow thread connection

QD-F—Spherical sealing structure, one-way flow flange connection

QS-G—Spherical sealing structure, two-way flow inner pipe fixed thread connection

QS-GF—Spherical sealing structure, two-way flow inner pipe fixed flange connection

Technical data:

QD QSG Rotary joint