Rubber Ceramic Liner

Rubber Ceramic Liner / Conveyor Wear Lining / Chute Lining

Rubber Ceramic Liner / Conveyor Wear Lining / Chute Lining


High wear resistant rubber ceramic liner is embedding high alumina ceramic into energy absorbing rubber or urethane cushion, and bond both to steel backing plate via hot vulcanizing for easy installation.

Impact absorbing rubber cushions helps reduce impact energy and prevent ceramic tiles breakage.

Steel backing plate with studs for easy installation .


  1. We mainly produce wear products for mining and mineral processing, various types and configuration, custom sizes are available.
  2. Rubber and ceramic composite liner:
  • More impact resistant than alumina ceramic: elastic rubber matrix helps absorbing impact energy.
  • More wear resistant than rubber: high alumina ceramic offers excellent wear resistance.
  • Steel backing plate with studs or countersunk, easily installation.
  • Excellent adhesion between ceramic and rubber.
  1. High tear and cut resistant rubber lining for chute.
  • Duro hardness 60 shore a, 40a, etc.
  • With steel backing plate or cn bonding layer
  1. Polyurethane wear liner.


  • Conveyor chutes
  • Reflectors and impact plate
  • Bins, hoppers
  • Conveyor skirt liners
  • Stackers and reclaimers

Technical information:

1) al2o3: 92% or 95%

2) Density: 3.6g/cm3

3) Compressive strength: above 2,000MPa

4) Water absorption: <0.01

5) Crushing strength: ≥520kN

6) Hardness: 9 (Mohs)

7) Size: 40mm-75mm

8) Packing: cartons

Specification (mm) Thickness of Ceramic


Thickness of Rubber


Thickness of Steel Backing Plate Total Thickness


300x300x36 Φ21×21 9 6 36
300x300x50 Φ31×31 13 6 50
250x250x36 Φ21×21 9 6 36
250x250x50 Φ31×31 13 6 50
250x250x18(17.5×17.5×8) 7 5 6 18

Dimensions and Shapes can be ordered as your need.