VCP2732 Cement Silo Relief Valve


Valve Body: 304 Body,304 Dust Cover
Application: Installed at the top of the silo, adjust air pressure of Cement Silo
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VCP2732B All Stainless Steel Pressure Relief Valves

On top of silos and bins, hoppers or containers to avoid overpressure and negative pressure. To prevent problems which could severely damage both silo and filter.
For a correct operation the application of a pressurerelief valve is necessary in order to discharge possible pressure inside the silo, as well as negative pressure. In fact, there is pressure once you fill the silo and negative pressure when you empty it. Fair input and output are not correct the valve opens (one way or the other) and avoids possible silo damage.
All contact parts are made from carbon steel, on request from stainless steel. Cover is made from stainless steel, seals according to application.

relief valve-silo

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 350 × 350 × 300 mm