Type 812 stainless steel corn flour


model HK-812
oltage (v) 220
Power (kw) 1.5
Speed(r/min) 1420
Fineness 20-200
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Features: small grain mill continuous feeding type production, feed fast.
Presence of screen mesh: no
Adjustable: HK – 812 small grain mill feed speed and the material thickness can be adjusted
It has the following advantages.
(a), stainless steel small grain mill. The machine made of stainless steel finishing, with double value capacitor asynchronous motor, power strong.
(2), small grain fineness of grinding, grinding can be suitable for all kinds of food, medicines and other supplies into 20 ~ 200 purpose powder evenly. Grain mill
By two pieces of full dynamic grinding and grinding of the alveolar to run to the material grinding into powder.
(3), small grain milling machining range:
All kinds of dry herbs containing hawthorn, yam, tuckahoe, almond, Gordon euryale seed, dangshen, medlar, yi, radix polygoni multiflori, angelica, astragalus, etc. All kinds of food contain sesame seed, soybean,
Barley, red bean, lotus seed, walnut, rice, black rice, peanuts, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, green beans, oats, etc.;
(4), to strengthen the magnetic treatment – feed opening strengthen magnetic can wear of iron powder to absorb, to ensure that the material of clean;
(5), 812 small grain mill cover an area of an area small, as a result of the design of small mill, grinding powder, low noise, easy operation, fine flour, special
Suitable for families and was not big processing shop. The grinder by two full of alveolar stainless steel mill for grinding operation to grinding materials into powder. The machine is
The continuous feeding operation, luxurious appearance, structure, precision, low noise, easy to operate, crushing and fine and smooth, no dust, especially suitable for supermarkets and shopping malls counters, the grain miscellaneous
Food processing shop. It changed the cast iron grain mill the appearance of rough, big noise and the powder of the coarse and the shortage of electric power faults. Xu lang small grains
Coarse flour mill quality is reliable, mature technology, is the grain crushing process your wise choice!