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1, an overview of the
Slicer XL – 75 can slice machine adopts rotating cutter cutting, yam, lotus root, cassava, sweet potatoes can be (sweet potato), radish, cucumber, balsam pear, potato and other agricultural products processing into flake, with aspects are of good quality and fresh products uniform thickness and sizes, and aspect organization, without destroying the fibrous tissue. At the same time the machine section of high efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, health, safety, high efficiency, it is a ideal equipment in the processing of agricultural products. Main frame, rotating cutter, transmission parts, electrical machinery, and other components of the discharging mouth, suitable for medium volume, a long cylindrical materials (such as yam, lotus root, cassava, sweet potatoes, sweet potato, radish) slice. Native and agricultural product contact parts are made of aluminum alloy and stainless steel material to ensure long-term work not rust, corrosion, non-toxic and harmless, conform to the requirements of the health food processing machinery.
2, technical parameters:
Production capacity: 400 kg/h
The cutting speed: 600 r/min
The motor power: 0.75 kw
Rated voltage: 380 v or 220 v
: rated frequency 50 hz
Dimension: 1000 * 900 * 580 mm
Machine weight: 75 kg
3, installation and debugging
Before using the machine placed in dry and ventilated, on a level surface to ensure the machine work stable and reliable. Before use to check each part whether fasteners loose in transit, switch and the power cord is damaged due to transportation, hopper, or whether there is foreign body inside the box. Check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with the machine use voltage. The elongation of soft wire of power supply with the ground symbols yellow green line core reliable grounding, the rest three wire core (single-phase motor configuration for two) respectively received open load switch, knife switch) disconnected leading-out terminal. Opened the front door before starting work, with the hand touch turntable observe whether there is a knock against the phenomenon of cutting tool, if there is a set of wheel bolt loosening, mobile wheel slightly outwards, and then tighten bolts set. Closing open load switch, start the open button, depending on the cutting knife running direction is correct, from the mouth to observe counterclockwise rotation is correct, otherwise adjust the power cord, after waiting for cutting knife in the right direction running the no-load test run, each place without exception before commissioning.
4, use and operation
Normal work before trial cut, characterize cut vegetables specifications and requirements are consistent, otherwise (or replace) the blade should be adjusted with the height of the rotary table, adjust and verified to work properly. The clearance between the wheel and the thickness of the slice by slice knife to decide, by adjusting the slicing knife to achieve size changes.

Weight 75 kg