Water cooled grain mill


model HK-860W(stand-alone) HK-860W(With the cabinet)
voltage(v) 220V/380V 220V/380V
power(kw) 3 3
speed(r/min) 1420 1420
fineness(mesh)20-200 20-200
size(cm) 60*30*45 83*40*112
The weight of the(kg) 63

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The working principle of the water cooled grain mill
Mill running motor start, connecting shaft and sleeve on the connection shaft of mill run together. For material from the hopper into the grinding powder, mill of ground and the dragon
Relative between flour set is working, the broken ground into small pieces of material particles, small particles after the ground under the mill ground spiral movement of the dragon was taken into two pieces of grinding
Middle, grinding indented relative operation, the material in a short period of time have been crushed into fine powder particles, powder from grinding tooth ditch, thrown around, at the same time
Comes on the mill powder plate down, flowing from powder outlet.
Water cooling circulation system works: milling cavity at the bottom of the outer wall and grinding chamber design have a clip layer, interlayer have a spacer, ensure water circulation, no
Blind Angle. Through the water pump, water circulating cooling in the sandwich.
Advantages: 1. The cryogenic grinding powder, keep the grain nutritional value; 2. Low temperature grinding, no longer burn material
Use water cooled grain mill the note
1, read the instructions before use, in strict accordance with standard operating machinery operation, every time before starting, check the static and dynamic grinding grinding, such as blade of fastening
Screws are loose, and tighten.
2, mill must external circuit protection, overload protection device, in order to protect the machine and personal safety.
3, grain processing, traditional Chinese medicinal materials, etc., should be dried or baked cooked, remove the stones, metal and other sundry. Should be affected with damp be affected with damp, soft or sticky material to bake,
Otherwise easy stick machine, also hard to mill.
4, after each use of the machine, the machine should be clean inside, may not be directly flush with water, and ventilation air.
5, in strict accordance with the provisions of ground wire, the motor should be counterclockwise, the normal operation of machine without exception, is dynamic and just rang before operation processing material.
6, the mill should be fixed in a solid level of desktop and on the counter, reduce vibration and noise to the earth.
7, in the process of machining, such as suddenly shut down by power outages and other reasons, must turn off the power switch, again after the removal of residual material crushing cavity, to start again.
8, such as when there is serious wear and tear or damage on the machine parts should be in time for repair or replacement.
9, after the machine start, should stay functioning ability when feeding processing, pay attention to control the feed rate, prevent motor overload boring machine.
10, machine long time need not when, should cut off the external power, the machine not to buy, want to flat, don’t put heavy above.
11, the machine warranty for one year, man-made damage caused by the use of improper, and normal wear and tear, does not belong to the warranty scope. Need to return to sales units or manufacturer for repair,
Transportation costs shall be borne by the buyer.

Weight 65 kg