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Grain crusher
Grain crusher

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Machine adopt stainless steel material, and luxurious appearance generous, in line with the GMP requirements. (304 stainless steel material can customize according to customer\’s requirement)
1. The feed hopper, crushing chamber, screen mesh is separation design, loading and unloading easy.
2. The feeding mouth to running the type design, made from high quality silica gel, with a 5 mm thickness to avoid material splash.
3 before and after the crushing chamber wall adopts double sound insulation, noise is low.
4 pulley is equipped with shielding, safe and reliable.
5 crushing cavity of the stroke switch installed on a lower level between the upper feed hopper opens, will be forced to power, have the effect of security.
6 motor with overload protection device and power chain protection system.
7 USES the import high quality tool steels and special cutting tools, especially durable, tool design scalable installation and adjustment, can be many times after using blunt sharpening, used repeatedly, the service life of the special features.
Eight processing technology mature, enclosure, rest and other important components are the overall processing, to ensure the fit precision. Moving blade for cascade shear type design, make the cutting force, cutting force caused by exponentially.
9 reasonable structure, convenient operation, power saving, durable, practical and economical.
10 general-purpose plastic crusher, adopt sealed bearing, the bearing rotation for a long time to maintain good, knife type design is reasonable, the product granulating uniform, knife heat shrinkable processing, elegant in design.
11 stainless steel crusher frame height and width is greater than the traditional iron broken confidential 15-30 cm, such making that meet all the dimensions of hopper has considerable improvement, accept hopper volume than ordinary crusher of the hopper twice or more.